Figure 5.

The pie diagrams demonstrating the percentage share of putative olive transcripts within the functional categories of Gene Ontology (Biological Process, Cellular Component and Molecular Function) based on the Blast2Go data mining. (a) The GO terms of olive transcripts for Biological Process; 1-Metabolic process, 2-Cellular process, 3- Response to stimulus, 4-Localization, 5-Multicellular organismal process, 6-Developmental process, 7-Reproduction, 8-Multi-organism process, 9-Biological regulation, 10-Cell wall organization, 11-Cellular component biogenesis. (b) The GO terms of olive transcripts for Cellular Component; 1-Cellular, 2-Organelle, 3-Macromolecular complex, 4-Extracellular region, 5-Membrane enclosed lumen. (c) The GO terms of olive transcripts for Molecular Function; 1- Binding, 2-Catalytic activity, 3-Electron carrier activity, 4-Transporter, 5-Structural molecule activity 6-enzyme regulator activity.

D√ľndar et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:219   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-219
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