Table 3

Candidate regulators in the Ribi group of eQTL hotspots
eQTL Hotspot Candidate GO Category Differentially Expressed? Mutations Function
II:560 kb TFC1 DNA binding No 3 missense RNA Pol III subunit
MAK5 Ribi No 5 missense, 4 indel 60S ribosome processing
TBS1 DNA binding 6.7e-20 7 missense Unknown
RPB5 Nucleolus 9.6e-3 promoter has 7 SNPs and 1 indel RNA Poly subunit
CNS1 Protein folding 3.6e-9 promoter has 7 SNPs and 1 indel, 1 missense TPR-containing co-chaperone
SMP1 DNA binding 2.7e-2 promoter has 7 SNPs and 2 indels Transcription factor that regulates osmotic stress
MED8 DNA binding 1.2e-2 Promoter has 2 SNPs, 2 missense RNA Poly II mediator complex
MCM7 DNA binding No 6 missense DNA ATPase activity
SDS24 Molecular function unknown 7.2e-7 2 missense, 2 promoter SNPs Involved in cell separation during budding
ERT1 DNA binding 2.2e-2 5 missense, 8 SNPs in promoter and a 5 base insertion Transcriptional regulator of nonfermentable carbon utilization
THI2 DNA binding No None Zinc finger protein
ENP1 Ribi No None 40S ribosomal subunit synthesis
ISW1 DNA binding No 1 missense ATPase, DNA and nucleosome binding
REI1 Ribi No 3 missense Cytoplasmic pre-60S factor
V:350 kb UTP7 Ribi No None Processing of 18S rRNA
RAD51 DNA binding No None Strand exchange protein
PBF2 Ribi 3.0e-2 9 missense PAC binding factor
SWI4 DNA binding No 2 missense Transcriptional activator
V:420 kb NSA2 Ribi 1.4e-5 None Constituent of 60S pre-ribosomal particles
LCP5 Ribi 2.6e-3 1 missense Involved in maturation of 18S rRNA
YER130C DNA binding No 1 missense Unknown function
VII:70 kb RAI1 Ribi No None Required for pre-rRNA processing
RTF1 DNA binding No None Subunit of RNA Pol II
KAP114 Protein import into nucleus 1.2e-8 9 missense Karyopherin

Curtis et al.

Curtis et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:196   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-196

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