Figure 4.

An illustration of gene regulation in the Ribi group of eQTL hotspots. We found four eQTL hotspots on chromosomes II, V, and VII that are all associated with the same 194 genes. 122 of the genes in this 194-gene overlap were annotated to the GO category of ribosome biogenesis (Ribi) or nucleolus (shown as blue nodes in the graph). The genes involved in Ribi are generally assembly factors that assemble rRNA and ribosomal proteins into the ribosomal unit in the nucleus. We also found an association from the V:350 kb eQTL hotspot to the ribosomal proteins. The expression levels of the ribosomal proteins are tightly coupled with the expression of the Ribi genes. Additionally, we found eight genes (shown as green and yellow nodes in the graph) in the overlap that were located in cis to one of these eQTL hotspots. The green nodes represent genes located in cis that are annotated for the Ribi or nucleolus GO categories, while the yellow nodes represent genes located in cis to one of the eQTL hotspots with a different GO annotation (see Table  3 ). This figure was created using GenAMap.

Curtis et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:196   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-196
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