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Annotation data and map position of the 384 loci included in the GoldenGate platform. Annotation data of the 384 unigenes included in the GoldenGate platform are described. Previous annotation data provided by Blanca et al. [20], after in silico detection of the unigenes, consist of unigene length, position of the SNP, in ORF or UTR, number of reads in each parental, GO terms, gene description after sequential BLAST of Swissprot, Arabidopsis org and Uniref90 [51-53], orthologs detected with Arabidopsis and C. melo by reciprocal BLAST of Arabidopsis_pep and ICUGI databases [52,17] and putative SNP-CAPS. Data generated in this paper are final CRG/CEGEN scores for GoldenGate genotyping reactions, GoldenGate genotyping results, distribution of the unigenes in the C. sativus genome (scaffolds or chromosomes) after BLAST against cucumber genome available at ICUGI [17], linkage group according to the Zucchini × Scallop map obtained, variability of SNP in the germplasm panel of C. pepo subsp. pepo and subsp. ovifera accessions and amplification in C. moschata.

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Esteras et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:80   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-80