Figure 1.

Preservation and association of co-expression and co-methylation modules. A. Module preservation statisticZsummary that summarizes evidence of preservation of expression modules in methylation data. Each module is labelled by a numeric label and the corresponding colour. Values of Zsummary below 2 indicate no evidence of preservation; values between 2 and 5 indicate weak to moderate evidence for preservation. Only the largest module, labelled 1 (turquoise), exhibits Zsummary above 5 that can be considered moderate-strong evidence of preservation. B. Analogous plot of the Zsummary statistic for preservation of methylation modules in expression data. As in expression data, only the largest module (also labelled 1, turquoise) exhibits moderate-strong evidence of preservation. C. Robust correlations and the corresponding p-values of expression (y-axis) and methylation (x-axis) eigengenes. Each row corresponds to an expression eigengene (E.ME) labelled by numeric module label and colour. Each column corresponds to a methylation eigengene (M.ME) labelled by numeric module label and colour. Numbers in the table report the robust correlation and the corresponding p-value of the respective expression and methylation eigengenes. Only correlations whose p-value is below 0.05 are displayed. The table is colour-coded according to correlation such that (strong) green colour corresponds to (strong) negative correlations, and (strong) red colour corresponds to (strong) positive correlations.

van Eijk et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:636   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-636
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