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Figure S3. Kinetics of STAT1 and HNF1A target gene expression in mouse, macaque and swine infected with CA04 virus. A) Transcription factor DNA-binding analysis used matrices obtained from JASPAR CORE and TRANSFAC databases. Human matrices were applied to Macaca mulatta and Sus Scrofa genome sequence scans. For STAT1, human MA0137.2 matrix and mouse M00224 matrix were used. For HNF1A, human M00206 matrix and mouse MA153.1 matrix were used. B) Average fold change gene expression compared to mock for STAT1 and HNF1A target genes identified by genome scans with matrices in part A. DE genes are shaded gray and target genes of STAT1 (left panel) and HNF1A (right panel) are shaded purple. The STAT1 DE gene is highlighted in red. C) Average log10(ratio) expression of STAT1 (left panel) and HNF1A (right panel) target genes identified using IPA Upstream Regulator Analysis. In mice and swine, infected lung gene expression is referenced to specie-matched mock at each time point. In macaques, infected lung gene expression is relative to an uninfected lung reference pool at each time point. Red indicates expression was increased relative to the control reference and green indicates that expression was decreased relative to the control reference. Saturation is 4-fold. (PDF 619 kb)

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Go et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:627   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-627