Table 1

Outlier effects
Type Distribution Sensitivity(%) Specificity(%) False aberrations (%)
Normal 79.5 96.5 0.15
A Normal w/5% contam. 78.8 93.7 1.04
Normal w/5% contam., Winsor. 78.1 96.0 0.13
Normal 78.9 93.6 0.20
B Normal w/5% contam. 77.8 90.6 1.06
Normal w/5% contam., Winsor. 77.5 93.3 0.15

Shown is the effect of Winsorization on simulated data with outliers and artificial (low-amplitude) aberrations. Two types of aberrations are considered: (A) aberrations of height 1.5 and length 10 probes and (B) aberrations of height 1.0 and length 30. The contamination consists of normals with SD=3 and the MAD estimate of SD equals 1.0. Sensitivity is the percentage of amplified probes that are detected as amplified, while specificity is the percentage of non-amplified probes classified as such. The false aberration column gives the percentage of aberrations not covering the central part of the real amplifications.

Nilsen et al.

Nilsen et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:591   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-591

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