Figure 2.

Core and non-core genome of eleven classical Bordetellae pan-genome. The number of core and non-core gene families in each predicted functional category of the classical Bordetellae pan-genome (A) and each species pan-genome (B) are summarized (B. bronchiseptica non-human isolates: RB50, 253 and 1289, B. bronchiseptica human isolates: MO149, D445, and Bbr77, B. parapertussis strains: 12822 and Bpp5, and B. pertussis strains: Tohama I, CS and 18323). Functional categories are SF: surface proteins, CH: conserved hypothetical proteins, Misc: miscellaneous information, R: regulators, CI: central/intermediary metabolism, IS: phage/insertion sequence (IS) elements, IT: information transfer proteins, U: unknown proteins, PAC: pathogenicity/adaptation/chaperones, DS: degradation of small molecules, EM: energy metabolism, Pseudo: pseudogenes and DL: degradation of large molecules. * indicates the gene families that more than 80% of gene families are conserved in all strains.

Park et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:545   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-545
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