Figure 7.

Chicken and duck microchromosome linkage groups based on ‘no hit’ EST mapping. -Left : the chicken linkage groups are from Morisson et al., 2007 [43]. Markers were developed from chicken EST contigs absent from the chicken assembly (no hit markers), presenting sequence similarity to HSA19. Markers in blue, purple or green are ‘no hit’ EST; genetic markers are in red and framework markers are underlined. Markers in black got subsequently included in the linkage groups.-Middle: position on HSA19 of chicken EST markers (blue, purple or green) and duck EST markers (brown). For each marker, the name of the gene is added. The duck EST markers are shown on both sides of the map to allow visualization of all possible pair wise map comparisons.-Right: a duck RH linkage group corresponding to one part of chicken microchromosome GGA30. They both bear the genes AKAP8 (GCT1867 in chicken and EstCtg293 in duck) and KEAP1 (GCT1859 in chicken and Y03G5XE5, EstCtg23833 in duck). Markers were developed from duck EST contigs, presenting sequence similarity to HSA19 and for which no sequence similarity could be found on the chicken genome.

Rao et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:513   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-513
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