Figure 4.

Location of SSRs and STRs within a promoter pattern. The light grayish gold shape represents a model of a promoter pattern from ATCG-middle class in which we approximate the location of various structures that compose a promoter sequence. (A) long Poly(dA) or Poly(dT) tracts or tandem short Poly(dA) or Poly(dT) tracts, (B) non-ordered short Poly(dA) and Poly(dT) and Poly(dC) and Poly(dG) tracts, (C) long Poly(dC) or Poly(dG) tracts or tandem short Poly(dC) or Poly(dG) tracts, (D) short Poly(dC) and Poly(dG) tracts, (E) evenly interspersed nucleotides (A,T,C,Gā€‰ā‰ˆā€‰25%), (F) short Poly(dA) and Poly(dT) tracts.

Gagniuc and Ionescu-Tirgoviste BMC Genomics 2012 13:512   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-512
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