Table 6

Summary of effects identified from investigation of dietary effect in broiler breeders (experiment 3)
Gene Candidate Source TissueP value TreatmentP value InteractionP value Interaction Effect Tissue
GDF9 Literature/QTL <0.001 NS 0.005 Down in Ad lib Stroma & 6–8 mm Follicles
FSHR Literature <0.001 NS 0.018 Down in Ad lib F1 Follicle
PDGFRL Microarray <0.001 NS 0.016 Up in Ad lib 6-8 mm Follicles
SLIT3 QTL/Microarray <0.001 NS NS
SMAD3 Literature <0.001 NS NS
BMPR2 Literature <0.001 NS NS
TGFBR1 Literature 0.005 NS NS
YAP1 Microarray 0.027 NS NS
VDAC1 QTL/Microarray NS NS NS
MOSPD1 Microarray NS NS NS

McDerment et al.

McDerment et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:494   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-494

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