Table 4

Genes within follicle number QTL on chromosomes 4 and 13 where BioLayout analysis predicted up-regulation in response to ad libitum feeding
Symbol ARKClone ID K-W P Value Known Function (EntrezGene)
ADRA1B RIGG07717 0.002 Multicellular Organism Development & Cell Growth
CAMK2A RIGG08243 NS Ca2+ Signalling & Cell Cycle
FGF13 RIGG08380 0.003 Embryonic Development & Cell Growth
FOXI1 RIGG10898 NS Multicellular Organism Development
GDF9 RIGG13716 <0.001 Folliculogenesis
PAK3 RIGG08561 0.012 Multicellular Organism Development
PPARGC1B RIGG10412 NS Oestrogen Receptor Binding
SLIT3 RIGG06586 NS Extracellular pro-apoptotic signalling
VDAC1 RIGG13395 <0.001 Ca2+ Signalling & Regulation of Apoptosis

McDerment et al.

McDerment et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:494   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-494

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