Table 3

Significant regions of difference betweenY. enterocoliticastrains 8081 and WA-314
Region or gene cluster Size in strain 8081 Size in strain WA-314 General description Comment
YAPI (PZ) 66 kb absent Pathogenicity island Absent from strain WA-314
YGI-3 19 kb 28 kb Putative integrated plasmid in strain 8081, putative prophage in strain WA-314 Strain-specific region
YGI-4 15 kb absent Putative integrated plasmid Absent from strain WA-314
YE1922 0.2 kb absent Toxin/Antitoxin system (HigBA) Absent from strain WA-314
YE1923 0.3 kb absent
YWA314_17584-YWA314_17599 absent 4 kb Type II restriction-modification system Absent from strain 8081
YWA314_20244-YWA314_20259 absent 3 kb Putative group A colicin operon Absent from strain 8081
Present in subsp. palearctica
YWA314_07469 absent 1 kb Xenobiotic-acyltransferase Absent from strain 8081
Present in subsp. palearctica

Garzetti et al.

Garzetti et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:467   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-467

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