Table 2

Established and putative virulence determinants ofY. enterocolitica
Genomic origin Protein Function Sequence similarity
Virulence-associated determinants
Plasmid (pYV)
yop Yops Anti-phagocytic action YopM: 75% (protein)
ysc Ysc Deliver of Yops YscP: 72% (protein)
yadA YadA Attachment, invasion 97% (protein)
inv Invasin Attachment, invasion 100% (protein)
ail Ail Attachment, invasion 96% (protein)
myfEFABC Myf fibrillae Intestinal colonization 97% (DNA)
HPI Yersiniabactin Dissemination in the host 98% (DNA)
ureABC Urease Bacterial survival in acidic environments 100% (protein)
flhDC Flagella Migration and adherence to host cells 100% (protein)
Ysa (PZ) T3SS Secretion of Ysps proteins 98% (DNA)
Yts1 (PZ) GSP Dissemination into deep tissues 99% (DNA)
Yts2 GSP Unclear 98% (DNA)
ystA Enterotoxin Fluid loss and diarrhea 100% (protein)
Putative virulence determinants identified in this study
YE0694 Putative adhesin Adherence 75% (protein)
YE3700 Outer membrane protein/ Autotransporter Adherence and invasion 23% (protein)
YE1111 Fimbrial protein Adherence 40% (protein)

Names and locus tags refer to the genome of Y. enterocolitica strain 8081 [12].

Garzetti et al.

Garzetti et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:467   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-467

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