Figure 3.

Expression of Forrest (−a) and Essex (−e) alleles of theGmRLK18-1atRhg1/Rfs2in non-transgenic soybean NIL roots. Panel (A); Western hybridization using an anti-RHG1/RFS2 (GmRLK18-1) antibody (Afzal et al. 2007) from roots of; Forrest allele in ExF34-23 (a); Essex allele in ExF34-3(b); E.coli expressed proteins RHG1/RFS2-LRR-Shrt (c); RHG1/RFS2-LRR-Long (d); and RHG 4 (e). Panel (B); agarose gel electrophoresis of cDNA amplified using Rhg1/Rfs2 LRR flanking primers from; non-infested NIL 34–23 (1); SCN infested NIL 34–23 (2); SCN infested NIL 34–3 (3); and Forrest genomic DNA (4). Negative control without template is shown in lane 5.

Srour et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:368   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-368
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