Additional file 9.

Figure S4. Detailed heat map for each gene cluster from main text Figure 6. Data for those genes dependent on RosR for appropriate expression in response to PQ are shown (main text Figures 6A-C). Colors and labels are as in Additional file 8: Figure S3. (A) Heatmap for Cluster 1, genes differentially expressed in ΔrosR vs the Δura3 parent strain regardless of growth condition (main text Figure 6A). (B) Heatmap for Cluster 2, genes dependent upon RosR for differential expression in response to paraquat (PQ). Genes upregulated in the mutant are shown on the left (main text Figure 6B) and those downregulated are shown on the right (main text Figure 6C). (C) Genes differentially expressed in response to PQ that are independent of RosR. Upregulated genes are shown (main text Figure 6D). Downregulated genes (171 genes) are not shown for brevity, but are listed in Additional file 5: Table S3. (D) Growth data for cultures from which RNA was harvested for microarray studies. Red arrow indicates the time of PQ addition.

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Sharma et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:351   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-351