Figure 2.

Artemis genome browser[8]screenshots illustrating the variation in sequence coverage of a selected region of P. falciparum chromosome 11, with 15x depth of randomly normalized sequence from the platforms tested. In each window, the top graph shows the percentage GC content at each position, with the numbers on the right denoting the minimum, average and maximum values. The middle graph in each window is a coverage plot for the dataset from each instrument; the colour code is shown above graph a). Each of the middle graphs shows the depth of reads mapped at each position, and below that in B-D are the coordinates of the selected region in the genome with gene models on the (+) strand above and (−) strand below. A) View of the first 200 kb of chromosome 11. Graphs are smoothed with window size of 1000. A heatmap of the errors, normalized by the amount of mapping reads is included just below the GC content graph (PacBio top line, PGM middle and MiSeq bottom). B) Coverage over region of extreme GC content, ranging from 70% to 0%. C) Coverage over the gene PF3D7_1103500. D) Example of intergenic region between genes PF3D7_1104200 and PF3D7_1104300. The window size of B, C and D is 50 bp.

Quail et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:341   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-341
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