Table 1

The WRKY transcription factor family in Brachypodium
Gene name Location Gene model Comments
BdWRKY1 Bd2:14220256.14222873 Bradi2g16150.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY2 Bd2:3983627.3984262 Bradi2g05510.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY3 Bd2:58924622.58926999 Bradi2g62130.1 Group IIc. Gene model incorrect.
BdWRKY4 Bd2:9403194.9408009 Bradi2g11170.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY5 Bd2:6965062.6969356 Bradi2g08620.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY6 Bd3:17079694.17080883 Bradi3g18580.1 Group IId
BdWRKY7 Bd4:1276705.1278741 Bradi4g01950.1 Group I
BdWRKY8 Bd2:52655598.52657803 Bradi2g53510.1 Group III
BdWRKY9 Bd2:52646076.52649410 Bradi2g53500.1 Group III
BdWRKY10 Bd4:47804750.47805919 Bradi4g44370.1 Group III
BdWRKY11 Bd2:30385271.30389483 Bradi2g30790.1 Group III
BdWRKY12 Bd3:57392174.57394564 Bradi3g57710.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY13 Bd3:36924901.36926175 Bradi3g34570.1 Group IIe, Gene Model incorrect.
BdWRKY14 Bd4:36119270.36124180 Bradi4g30370.1 Group IIa. Prediction using 40kb sequence for
Bradi4g30360.1 Bradi4g30360 and Bradi4g30370 together.
BdWRKY15 Bd4:47786980.47788750 Bradi4g44350.1 Group III
BdWRKY16 Bd2:46341174.46344106 Bradi2g45900.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY17 Bd2:30398035.30400975 Bradi2g30800.1 Group III
BdWRKY18 Bd1:1580683.1586394 Bradi1g02340.1 Group I. Second domain is truncated.
Possible pseudogene.
BdWRKY19 Bd4:33637416.33639506 Bradi4g28280.1 Group III
BdWRKY20 Bd1:62421625.62422845 Bradi1g63220.1 Group III
BdWRKY21 Bd3:8007304.8009052 Bradi3g09810.1 Group IIe
BdWRKY22 Bd1:47430434.47433797 Bradi1g48770.1 Group III
BdWRKY23 Bd1:5717967.5719246 Bradi1g08100.1 Group IIc. Gene model incorrect.
BdWRKY24 Bd2:49173622.49177995 Bradi2g49020.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY25 Bd2: 52664751 - 52666466 Bradi2g53520.1 Group III
BdWRKY26 Bd4:21655844.21659743 Bradi4g19060.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY27 Bd1:5619653.5623406 Bradi1g07970.1 Group I
BdWRKY28 Bd1:14207355.14209349 Bradi1g17660.1 Group III
BdWRKY29 Bd4:47797837.47799556 Bradi4g44360.1 Group III
BdWRKY30 Bd2:13707176.13708809 Bradi2g15360.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY31 Bd1:11188915.11191904 Bradi1g14300.1 Group IId
BdWRKY32 Bd5:16639846.16643118 Bradi5g13090.1 Group I
BdWRKY33 Bd5:20666685.20686684 - Group IIc. No Gene Model
BdWRKY34 Bd5:6201425.6206424 Bradi5g04820.1 Group IId Gene Model Incorrect.
BdWRKY35 Bd5:23482100.23483388 Bradi5g20700.1 Group II d
BdWRKY36 Bd5:23193818.23196993 Bradi5g20290.1 Group IIe
BdWRKY37 Bd3:41662537.41665191 Bradi3g39340.1 Group I
BdWRKY38 Bd3:18514515.18520937 Bradi3g19640.1 Group I
BdWRKY39 Bd3:4354442.4356174 Bradi3g06070.1 Group IIa
BdWRKY40 Bd3:37214494.37216071 Bradi3g34850.1 Group III
BdWRKY41 Bd3:51584113.51587575 Bradi3g50360.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY42 Bd3:53316886.53321459 Bradi3g52420.1 Group IIe
BdWRKY43 Bd4:31071952.31076951 Bradi4g25720.1 Group III, Gene Model Incorrect.
BdWRKY44 Bd2:19779563.19782548 Bradi2g22230.1 Group III
BdWRKY45 Bd2:52860060.52862718 Bradi2g53760.1 Group I
BdWRKY46 Bd2:19960366.19962573 Bradi2g22440.1 Group I
BdWRKY47 Bd2:37371.39452 Bradi2g00280.1 Group I
BdWRKY48 Bd2:3979821.3981719 Bradi2g05500.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY49 Bd2:3815724.3825723 - Group IIc. No Gene Model
BdWRKY50 Bd2:33674703.33675549 Bradi2g33540.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY51 Bd2:14038105.14040104 Bradi2g15880.1 Group III. Gene Model short.
BdWRKY52 Bd2:42525077.42527076 - Group IIc. No gene Model.
BdWRKY53 Bd2:44578672.44580858 Bradi2g44090.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY54 Bd2:16801079.16803652 Bradi2g19070.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY55 Bd2:45857664.45858974 Bradi2g45480.1 Group III
BdWRKY56 Bd2:16474142.16475652 Bradi2g18530.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY57 Bd2:53553539.53556063 Bradi2g54720.1 Group IIc, Gene Model Incorrect.
BdWRKY58 Bd2:48426948.48428121 Bradi2g48090.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY59 Bd4:48418469.4842114 Bradi4g45290.1 Group I. Gene Model Short.
BdWRKY60 Bd4:39074575.39078767 Bradi4g33370.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY61 Bd4:5576052.5581378 Bradi4g06690.1 Group I
BdWRKY62 Bd4:9350003.9357060 Bradi4g09890.1 Group I
BdWRKY63 Bd4:1992609.1995531 Bradi4g02680.1 Group IId
BdWRKY64 Bd1:18715369.18721632 Bradi1g23340.1 Group I
BdWRKY65 Bd1:46394072.46396455 Bradi1g47690.1 One and a half WRKY domains followed by
a FAR1-s domain and a MULE transposon.
BdWRKY66 Bd1:13042696.13049431 Bradi1g16120.1 Group I
BdWRKY67 Bd1:18197079.18200281 Bradi1g22680.1 Group I
BdWRKY68 Bd1:26329079.26330580 Bradi1g30870.1 Group IIa
BdWRKY69 Bd1:36017779.36022778 - Group IIe. No Gene Model
BdWRKY70 Bd1:49453669.49457672 Bradi1g51030.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY71 Bd1:58314278.58317315 Bradi1g59180.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY72 Bd1:10018159.10019283 Bradi1g13210.1 Group IIc. WKKY group
BdWRKY73 Bd1:724757.729756 Bradi1g01060.1 Group IIe. No Gene Model.
BdWRKY74 Bd1:6545010.6548310 Bradi1g09170.1 Group IId
BdWRKY75 Bd1:70813782.70818781 - Retrotransposon with N-terminal part of WRKY domain.
BdWRKY76 Bd2:14428190.14433051 Bradi2g16360.1 Group IIc. Gene Model Incorrect
BdWRKY77 Bd2:49902436.49907435 - Group IIe. No Gene Model.
BdWRKY78 Bd1:63118295.63119746 Bradi1g63910.1 Group III
BdWRKY79 Bd2:44782012.44783510 Bradi2g44270.1 Group III
BdWRKY80 Bd2:49068600.49073599 Bradi2g48910.1 Group IIe
BdWRKY81 Bd2:13725107.13735106 - Group IIe. No Gene model.
BdWRKY82 Bd2:44526356.44531355 - Group IIe. No Gene Model.
BdWRKY83 Bd2:19783798.19788797 Bradi2g22240.1 Group III. Gene Model Incorrect.
BdWRKY84 Bd2:52617265.52627264 Bradi2g53480.1 Group III. Gene Model Incorrect
BdWRKY85 Bd2: 52628591 - 52629373 Bradi2g53490 Group III. Gene Model Incorrect.
BdWRKY86 Bd4:47782844.47784664 - Group III.No Gene Model

For each WRKY transcription factor, the chromosomal location and gene model (if present) are shown, together with any comments concerning the gene.

Tripathi et al.

Tripathi et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:270   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-270

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