Figure 1.

Modular architecture of the array of scaffoldins identified in the A. cellulolyticus CD2 genome and their homologs from C. thermocellum ATCC 27405. Putative A. cellulolyticus scaffoldins were identified bioinformatically (see Materials and Methods for their accession numbers). Binding specificities of the indicated (black spots) cohesin and dockerin modules were determined previously [17-19]. The sca gene cluster is framed in a shaded box. All proteins have an N-terminal signal peptide except for ScaI. Acronyms: GH9, family-9 glycoside hydrolase; CBM(n), carbohydrate-binding module (family number); Cu, Copper amine oxidase; FN3, Fibronectin type III domain; Peptidase, S8 subtilisin-like peptidase; PPC, bacterial pre-peptidase C-terminal domain; Rhs, Rhs repeat domain. Accession numbers of the A. cellulolyticus scaffoldins are: [GenBank: ZP_09464033-30 (ScaA-D), ZP_09465494 (ScaE), ZP_09464236 (ScaF), ZP_09464788 (ScaG), ZP_09462752 (ScaH), ZP_09463446 (ScaI), ZP_09462222 (ScaJ), ZP_09464725 (ScaK), ZP_09464968 (ScaL), ZP_09463433 (ScaM), ZP_09463827 (ScaN), ZP_09462124 (ScaO), ZP_09461865 (ScaP)]. Accession numbers of the C. thermocellum scaffoldins are: [GenBank: CAA47840 (CipA), YP_001039467 (OlpB), ABN54275 (Orf2p), YP_001039469 (OlpA), YP_001037164 (Cthe_0736), YP_001037732 (SdbA), YP_001036883 (OlpC) and YP_001037163 (Cthe_0735)]

Dassa et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:210   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-210
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