Figure 6.

Positional dependent intensity decays in relative and absolute scale. Panel a) Mean intensity decays of specifically and non-specifically hybridized probes (Eq. (8)) referring to the data shown in Figure 3a. The circles denote index-based averages which are plotted as a function of the mean position per index (left part). The decays are normalized according to Eq. (9) (right part of the figure). The dotted curves in part a are theoretical ones using different functions: Exponential plus constant (a) and exponential (b) intensity decays which consider saturation without initial shift (Eq. (10) with x0=0); exponential plus constant (right part above) and exponential (right part below) decays with initial shifts (Eq. (10) with x0=0). Panel b and c) Representative decays are taken from the Rat-QC (b) and the RNeasy cleanup (c) data sets. The index-scaled decays in the left part and the L-scaled decay in the right part of panel c are fit using simple exponential decays (d = 0) whereas the L-scaled decays in part b in addition use a constant d > 0

Fasold and Binder BMC Genomics 2012 13:186   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-186
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