Table 1

Differentially expressed (DE) transcripts identified in pair-wise comparisons and the number of the transcripts upregulated by stage
Life -stage Total transcripts identified Transcripts Transcripts
comparison (adjP<0.05) upregulated in upregulated in
Mf/L3 3,449 Mf-1,370 L3-2,079
L3/L4 2,590 L3-1,197 L4-1,393
L4/6WF 1,979 L4-1,065 6WF-914
L4/6WM 2,910 L4-1,330 6WM-1,580
6WF/F 3,047 6WF-1,878 F-1,169
6WM/M 1,495 6WM-604 M-891
6WF/6WM 2,701 6WF-1,197 6WM-1,504
AM/AF 3,355 AM-2,017 AF-1,338

Mf, microfilariae; AF, adult females; AM, adult males; 6WF, 6 week females; 6WM, 6 week males; L4, L4 stage, 2 weeks post infection; L3, third stage infective larvae.

Li et al.

Li et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:184   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-184

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