Figure 1.

Meis2 CNEs from zebrafish and lamprey drive equivalent expression patterns in zebrafish and lamprey embryos. A, multiple alignment of orthologous genomic regions containing the gene c15orf41 (blue peak), downstream of meis2, revealing CNEs (red peaks). Human, zebrafish and lamprey sequences are aligned with the fugu sequence as a baseline. Zebrafish CNE 329X is translocated in the current zebrafish genome assembly so does not appear in this alignment. B-M, orthologous elements from lamprey (B-G) and zebrafish (H-M) drive similar GFP expression patterns in the nervous system of zebrafish embryos at 54hpf: element 3285 in the cranial ganglia (arrows) and primary neurons of the hindbrain and spinal cord (arrowhead) (B, H); 3288 in neurons of the hindbrain posterior to rhombomere (r) 4 (C, I), as determined by comparison with r3r5 RFP expression (D, J); 3299 in the anterior hindbrain - r2-4 for the lamprey homolog (E, F) and r3-4 plus the corresponding neural crest for the zebrafish homolog (K, L); 329X in the hindbrain and neurons of the midbrain (G, M). N-O , embryonic day 14-15 lamprey embryos transgenic for lamprey elements 3285 (N) and 3299 (O) show GFP expression in the cranial ganglia (arrowheads) and anterior hindbrain respectively, consistent with their expression in zebrafish (3285: B, 3299: E). P-Q, dorsal views of the head of lamprey (P) and zebrafish (Q) embryos transgenic for lamprey element 3299. cg: cranial ganglia; hb: hindbrain; mb: midbrain; nc: neural crest; sc: spinal cord.

Parker et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:637   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-637
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