Figure 3.

Sire group expression profiles of eigengenes for the identified WGCNA modules. Four WGCNA modules were selected on the basis of their module correlation (MC), which is the absolute correlation between the module eigengene and the quantitative EBV status. Genes in these modules were then retained based on their intra-modular connectivity (a single gene measure of connectivity within a module) and the absolute correlation of the gene expression with the EBV for EMD. Module Violet WGCNA (MC = 0.54, 39 genes), Module Cyan WGCNA (MC = -0.52, 88 genes), Module Tan WGCNA (MC = -0.52, 33 genes) and Module Lightgreen WGCNA (MC = -0.42, 42 genes). The eigengene expression of each sire group is uniquely coloured. Sire group I (red; high EBV); sire group II (orange, high EBV); sire group III (yellow, high EBV); sire group IV (green, low EBV); sire group V (blue, low EBV); sire group VI (purple, low EBV). Each bar within a sire group represents a single animal. There is no relationship between sire group colour and module colour name.

Kogelman et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:607   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-607
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