Figure 7.

Alu insertions in the promoters of IL32, APOM and PRODH2 genes. Screen shots from UCSC Genome Browser of human and other indicated primate genomes in the region of the HNF4α-Alu element ChIP'd by HNF4α in the IL32 (A), APOM (B) and PRODH2 (C) genes. Shown from top to bottom in each figure are non Alu HNF4α binding sites from Bolotin et al. [42] (Non Alu PBM); Alu sites from this study (Alu PBM); mRNA from RefSeq track (RNA); HNF4α ChIP signal in HepG2 from the Custom Track by UC Davis ( webcite) (ChIP-Seq); DNA sequence conservation in four primate genomes (Rhesus, Marmoset, Orangutan, Chimp); PCR product amplified after ChIP in Fig. 3 (ChIP product); repeats from Repeat Masker 3.2.7 with the relevant Alu sequence indicated (Repeats).

Bolotin et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:560   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-560
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