Figure 4.

Taxonomic distribution of C/D snoRNAs with identified targets1. The genes that have been found by us in the genomes assemblies are marked red (Additional File 4). “nm,” not methylated site in Xenopus [14]. 1Targets are unknown for SNORD23, SNORD64, SNORD83, SNORD84, SNORD86, SNORD89, SNORD90, SNORD97, SNORD101, SNORD107, SNORD108, SNORD109, SNORD112, SNORD113, SNORD114, SNORD116, SNORD117, and SNORD124. Records SNORD39, SNORD40, SNORD106, SNORD120, and SNORD122 were deleted from the NCBI Nucleotide database. SNORD85 is an isoform of SNORD103. SNORD3, SNORD13, SNORD22, and SNORD118 guide no modifications.

Makarova and Kramerov BMC Genomics 2011 12:543   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-543
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