Figure 9.

Regulation of genes which have been laterally transferred within the E. coli - Shigella clade. Genes without regulation and genes belonging to families of size N < 4 are not included. Top: 'Non-LGT' refers to gene sets that yielded a phylogeny that was concordant with the E. coli - Shigella reference tree and had no recombination breakpoints within the gene boundaries. 'LGT' refers to gene sets that were found to be ORB+ and/or yielded a protein tree that was discordant with the reference tree. LGT genes show no evidence of having more regulators than non-LGT genes (P = 0.3, by Wilcoxon rank sum test; 803 LGT genes and 592 non-LGT genes). Bottom: ORB- genes and ORB+ genes show no difference in the number of genes they are regulated by (P = 0.96, by Wilcoxon rank sum test; 250 ORB+ genes and 553 ORB- genes).

Skippington and Ragan BMC Genomics 2011 12:532   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-532
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