Figure 6.

Analyzing multiple probe sets for Tnfrsf9 suggests that only the major transcript is expressed in the optic nerve head. (a) The table from the probe set details page for the Tnfrsf9 gene (a graphical view is also available - not shown). Three probe sets are available for this gene. Only one probe set, 1460469_at, is differentially expressed in the optic nerve head. The remaining two probes show no difference with respect to D2-Gpnmb+ control group. (b) The normalized expression values (intensity values) for the 1460469_at probe set for the molecular ONH stages. This graph shows the variability of Tnfrsf9 expression in individual eyes. The normalized raw intensity values range from between 4 and 7. The average of the reference group is shown (purple line) along with one standard deviation above and below the average (grayed area). (c) Detailed mapping data for all probes within a probe set can be accessed in Ensembl by clicking on the probe set name in the results table (black arrow, a). For each probe set, the genomic location of each of the eleven 25 mer probes that make up a probe set and any mismatches are reported. For 146049_at, all probes match genomic intervals within the Tnfrsf9 gene. This is not the case for 1421481_at or 1428034_a_at (data not shown).

Howell et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:429   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-429
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