Figure 4.

Comparison of two FAM33A siRNA transfection studies. The first column (Panels A and C) represent respective composite plots summarising the enrichment scoring of all possible hexameric queries given each of the FAM33A siRNA differential expression profiles (See panel headers for specifics). As before, the highest scoring hexamer is coloured turquoise while specific query motifs are coloured red. The x-axes again represent the bin number. The second column (Panels B and D) summarises the analysis of each differential expression profile with the highest scoring motifs, of the two FAM33A siRNAs, both of which were identified using the respective composite plots (i.e. A with B and C with D). All plot decorations are consistent with previous descriptions. Note the intense enrichment profile of the FAM33A_2 siRNA (indicated by the green vertical lines) relative to FAM33A_1 estimate. This indicates a more significant off-target 'profile' following transfection with the FAM33A_2 siRNA, relative to that of the FAM33A_1 siRNA. Also note how the enrichment plot scaling differs between the two queries (i.e. 0-100 in Panel B and 0-35 in Panel D)

Wilson and Plucinski BMC Genomics 2011 12:250   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-250
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