Figure 3.

Unrooted phylogenetic tree showing the relationships between published and unpuplished GST from R. philippinarum database (bold). Sequences are defined by two-letter species abbreviation followed by the GST symbol (pi or sigma) whenever possible. Bootstrap values are assigned to each interior branch. Values less than 50% are not shown. Genbank or Ensembl accession numbers are as follows: Hs_sigma (ENS:ENSP00000295256), HD_sigma (GenBank::AB026603.1), RP_A (GenBank:ACU832161), Mv (GenBank:ADB91399), Cfa (GenBank:ACL80138), MM_pi1 (GenBank:ABV29188), MM_pi_2 (GenBank:ABV29187), Dp (GenBank:ABP73387), Cfl1_pi (GenBank:ABO47816), Cfli2_pi (GenBank:AAX20374), Le_pi (GenBank:ABV44413), Hs_pi (ENS:ENSP00000381607), Dr_pi1 (ENS:ENSDARP00000004830), Dr_pi2 (ENS:ENDARP000000744422), Me1_pi (GenBank: AAF35893), Me_2pi (GenBank:AAS60226), Mg_pi1 (GenBank: AAM91994), Cc_pi (GenBank:ACJ03598), Cp_pi (GenBank:ADM88875), Ut_pi (GenBank:AAX20373), RP_pi (GenBank:ACM16805).

Milan et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:234   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-234
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