Figure 7.

Accessory Domains. Representative domain organizations of some S. mansoni ePKs belonging to the TKL, Other, TK and, RGC groups are shown. Each protein ID and classification is shown below each image. Abbreviations followed are: PK_domain (Protein kinase domain), RBD (Raf-like Ras-binding domain), C1_1 (Phorbol esters/diacylglycerol binding domain), SH3_1 (Src homology 3 domain), PBD (P21-Rho-binding domain), Ank (Ankyrin repeat), PTK_domain (Protein tyrosine kinase domain), TGF_beta_GS (Transforming growth factor beta type I GS-motif), LRR_1 (Leucine Rich Repeat), Activin_recep (Activin types I and II receptor domain) UQ_con (Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme) TBC (TBC domain), Nucleoside_tran (Nucleoside transporter) DnaJ (DnaJ domains), SH2 (Src homology 2 domain) PH_domain (Pleckstrin Homology domain) BTK (Bruton's tyrosine kinase motif) Recep_L_domain (Receptor L domain) furin-like (Furin-like cysteine rich region) Guanylate_cyc (Receptor family ligand binding region). The protein domain architectures were generated using DOG 1.0 [111] based on the Pfam domain limits [96].

Andrade et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:215   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-215
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