Figure 5.

Organisation of the "maltodextrin/maltose gene cluster" in the Mmc 95010, MmmSC PG1 and Mcc California kid genomes. In the Mmc 95010 genome, the "maltodextrin/maltose gene cluster" is composed of 12 CDS shown in green. The cluster is flanked by an IS1296 copy and pepF. The cluster comprises: a phosphoglucomutase (pgmB), two amylases (CDS 1740 and 1750), two lipoproteins that may be involved in binding (CDS 1760 and 1770), a translocation complex (CDS 1780, malC, malG, malK), two CDS involved in maltose degradation (mapA, dexA), and a CDS probably involved in the regulation of transcription. This cluster is absent in the PG1 genome although the flanking genes (the IS1296 copy and pepF) are still present. In the Mcc California kid genome, a large portion of the cluster has been deleted, (8 CDS out of 12) and been replaced by 20 CDS followed by an IS3 copy.

Thiaucourt et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:114   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-114
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