Figure 2.

Comparison of the two ICEs found in (95010) with those in Mcc (California kid) and M. fermentans. Schematic representation of ICEs found in Mcc (top) and M. fermentans (bottom) with the two ICE copies found in the Mmc 95010 genome and the single copy identified in strain Mmc GM12. The numbering above refers to that of the original publications describing these ICEs [16,26], and numbering below the ICEs refers to CDS numbers in the respective genomes. The CDS are coloured according to the similarity results from BLASTP with the ICEMmc95010-1a CDS (dark blue, #90%; light blue, 89-70%; green, 69-50%; no colour, < 50%). The two ICE copies in 95010 differ by two CDS (in red) which may have been deleted from the "1b" copy (or inserted into the "1a" copy). The ICE copy in GM12 is very similar as 13 CDS exhibit more than 90% similarity with ICEMmc95010 -1a CDS. However, some CDS are only present in GM12 (MMCAP2_0566), another is duplicated (MMCAP2_0556 and 0557) and another (MMCAP2_0554), in yellow, is similar to MCAP_0556. The greatest similarities were found within the TraE and TraG proteins and for the 2 CDS at the extremities. These terminal CDS may be joined and form a single CDS in the circular form of the ICE.

Thiaucourt et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:114   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-114
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