Figure 3.

Comparative genome content of 13 Listeria chromosomes and L. innocua plasmid pLI100. The outermost circle indicates the source of each gene in the pan-genome with each gene represented by a constant width wedge. Starting at the top of the figure (0 Mb) and moving clockwise, all EGD-e genes are arranged in chromosomal order. Continuing clockwise, all genes not present in EGD-e are grouped by strain (as indicated by segment labels). Genes in the F2365 segment are present in F2365, but absent from EGD-e, and genes in the Clip81459 segment are present in Clip81459, but absent from F2365 and EGD-e, and so on. In this way, each gene is represented only once in the diagram. Gene order in all segments except EGD-e is monotonically increasing, but discontinuous, since shared genes may be represented in other segments. Internal circles indicate gene presence (solid color) or absence (unfilled) of each gene in each of the 13 strains examined. Circles from outer to inner are in the same order as strains on the outer circle, starting with EGD-e, followed by F2365, etc. L. monocytogenes strains are in blue; L. marthii is in green; L. innocua strains are in gold; L. welshimeri is in orange; L. seeligeri strains are in red; L. ivanovii subsp. londoniensis is in purple. The location, in the EGD-e genome, of the prfA virulence cluster, conjugative transposon tn916 and prophage A118 are specifically indicated. This figure was created using the Circos software [85].

den Bakker et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:688   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-688
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