Figure 8.

Macroarrays (A) and semi-quantitative RT-PCR (B-G) in flower buds F1 in various mutant backgroung (n = 3). Expression of peroxidase genes in simple and double shp mutants is represented as a ratio to their own expression level in wild type (WT) (A). AtPrx13 (P13), AtPrx30 (P30), AtPrx55 (P55), and loading control (MT2B) expression level in shatterproof (shp) (B), indehiscent (ind), replumless (rpl) (C), alcatraz (alc), overexpressing fruitful (35S:FUL) (D), in agamous (ag), fruitful (ful) (E) lost-of-function lines, and in various organs and flower/silique development stages (F). (F1 = stage 1-12, F2 = stage 13-14, F3 = stage 15-16, S1 = stage 17, S2 = stage 18).

Cosio and Dunand BMC Genomics 2010 11:528   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-528
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