Figure 5.

Linear arrangement of protein-encoding, rRNA and tRNA genes within the complete mt genomes of vermetid gastropods, caenogastropods, and select representatives of other molluscan groups. Partial genomes of Thylaeodus sp, Vermetus erectus, Littorina saxatilis and Calyptraea chinensis are also included. As is the standard convention for metazoan mt genomes, cox1 has been designated the start point for the "+" strand for all genomes. The dashed line indicates missing genes in the representation of partial genomes. Genes are transcribed left-to-right as depicted except for those underlined to signify opposite orientation. Gene names are as in Figure 1 except that L1 and L2 refer to trnLCUN and trnLUUR, respectively, and S1 and S2 refer to trnSAGN and trnSUCN, respectively. Pseudogenes identified in the genomes of Dendropoma maximum and Thylacodes squamigerus are not shown. In some instances, gene orders differ from their original publications (e.g., [53]); this is based on revised annotations listed in MitoZoa [63]. Abbreviations are as follows. GAST: Class Gastropoda; POLY: Class Polyplacophora; CEPH: Class Cephalopoda; CA: Caenogastropoda; Li: Littorinimorpha; Ne: Neogastropoda; VE: Vetigastropoda.

Rawlings et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:440   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-440
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