Figure 4.

HCL-ST of genes differentially modulated under TPS, TS and/or PS. After performing SAM for all experimental groups, HCL-ST analysis was performed independently for (A) genes with (B) and without significant differences between groups according to SAM. Support Tree algorithm with a jackknifing resampling option and 100 iterations for the construction and clustering of gene expression matrix were applied in HCL-ST. Clones in (A) were grouped into 26 clusters and clones in (B) in two clusters depending on differential regulation. This analysis confirms that expression profile similarity is higher between TPS and TS than between TPS or TS and PS. Control spots LiA2, LdoA2, Lip36, Lipolb, Lihsp70, Ldohsp70 and Lmahsp70 show significant differences in gene expression between the experimental groups (A2 gene is up-regulated under TPS and hsp70 under PS) and LiTopoII, LiDNAg, Lamhsp70, LiGAPDH, LdoGAPDH and herring DNA do not. Clones with significant differences between the experimental conditions are identified in Additional file 6.

Alcolea et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:31   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-31
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