Figure 1.

Conserved Regulatory Regions for IL2. The 'Region in Detail' view for human genomic assembly GRCh37 [53], chromosome 4, from base pair 123371793 to 123378703 [54], with the IL2 transcript in gold. Boxes show exons, and filled boxes show coding sequence. The direction of translation is indicated by the "<" next to the gene name, and the IL2 transcript is drawn under the blue bar (genome) showing it is on the reverse strand of the chromosome. The constrained elements (label 1) are blocks of highly conserved base pairs resulting from whole genome sequence alignments across 33 species. Regulatory regions from the cisRED and miRanda databases are indicated as coloured, vertical lines (label 2), and match well to the 5'UTR and 5' flank of the IL2 transcript. Regions such as histone modification, DNA methylation, CTCF binding, and DNase I hypersensitive sites are shown as grey shaded boxes (for example, above and left of label 2). Clicking on a box will generate a pop-up window with more information (as shown).

Spudich and Fern├índez-Su├írez BMC Genomics 2010 11:295   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-295
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