Figure 5.

Population comparison image. The ENST00000359785 transcript is shown, along with a representation of the genomes of Craig Venter and James Watson and the reference sequence (GRCh37) in this region. The left hand side of the view shows links available from the transcript tab. Label 1: The genomes of Craig Venter and James Watson have high coverage in this region (i.e. at least two sequencing reads or present for both strands of the chromosome), shown by a thick grey bar. Label 2: Variants are drawn as boxes if the allele differs from the reference sequence. A non-synonymous variation is shown in yellow, with two potential amino acids indicated (tryptophan and arginine). Label 3: The nucleotides possible for this variation are displayed upon clicking the corresponding yellow box. Label 4: A table compares each allele at positions of variation. This view indicates the alleles in both Venter and Watson's genomes are different to the reference sequence allele, for this variation. Watson is heterozygous at this position, and Venter is homozygous.;g=ENSG00000134242;r=1:114356437-114414375;t=ENST00000359785 webcite.

Chen et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:293   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-293
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