Figure 3.

Known miRNAs from sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), designated as csi on the first column, and their homologs in other plant species. The picture is modified from Axtell et al. [45]. Scale 0, miRNA only predicted; scale 1, miRNA sequenced; scale 2, miRNA/miRNA* accumulation detected; scale 3, miRNA detected by small RNA blot or qRT-PCR; scale 4, miRNAs with validated targets. The general information is based on miRBase 13.0 statistics. Abbreviations: ath, Arabidopsis thaliana; bna, Brassica napus; csi, Citrus sinensis; eca, Eschscholzia californica; mtr, Medicago truncatula; osa, Oryza sativa; pta, Pinus taeda; ptc, Populus trichocarpa; ppt, Physcomitrella patens; sly; Solanum lycopersicum; vvi, Vitis vinifera; zma, Zea mays. Some of the data is renewed with information from publications including Arabidopsis [24,62], California poppy [46], grape [60], rice [44], and tomato [23,55].

Xu et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:246   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-246
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