Figure 7.

Human tissue expression profiles of the 8q24.3 ZNF genes. RNA expression profiles (labeled by gene names) of the seven 8q24.3 zinc finger genes compared to those of ten other C2H2 zinc finger genes, the KRAB domain-interacting partner TRIM28 and of the housekeeping gene GAPDH. Relative expression levels with the respective value for heart tissue set to 1 were determined with gene-specific assays by quantitative RT-PCR. The ordinate displays fold changes compared to heart. The different tissues as source for total RNA are labeled with letters and are indicated on the bottom of the bar plots. The maximal fold change between the tissue with the highest and the lowest values is indicated in the histograms ("max"). Bars represent means of three replicates ± SD within one assay. The profiles are arranged in subgroups: Strong overrepresentation in fetal brain compared to all other tissues ("fetal brain group"); values in testis similar or larger to those in fetal brain ("testis group"), prominent thyroid and prostate expression ("prostate/thyroid group"); highest expression in thymus ("thyroid group"); at least 50fold increased expression in cerebellum compared to heart and ratio fetal brain/cerebellum < 3.5 ("cerebellum group"). ZNF517 was unassigned, TRIM28 and GAPDH were put into a non-ZNF group.

Lorenz et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:206   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-206
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