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Comprehensive analysis of MHC class I genes from the U-, S-, and Z-lineages in Atlantic salmon

Morten F Lukacs1, Håvard Harstad1, Hege G Bakke2, Marianne Beetz-Sargent3, Linda McKinnel3, Krzysztof P Lubieniecki4, Ben F Koop3 and Unni Grimholt2*

Author Affiliations

1 Department of Basic Science and Aquatic Medicine, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Oslo, Norway

2 Centre for Ecology and Evolutionary Synthesis, Dept of Biology, University of Oslo, Norway

3 Department of Biology, University of Victoria, Victoria BC V8W 2Y2, Canada

4 Department of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC, Canada

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BMC Genomics 2010, 11:154  doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-154

Published: 5 March 2010

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Additional file 1:

Linkage groups of SAA and UHA. The positions of SAA (Ssa10083BSFU) and UHA (Ssa10084BSFU) in bold and underlined on linkage group 10 and linkage group 14, respectively of the merged Atlantic salmon female map [17].

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Additional file 2:

Phylogeny of teleost MHC class I sequences. Phylogenetic tree analysis by NJ method for full-length amino acid sequences. Consensus trees were based on 1000 bootstrap replications and reported with the bootstrap support values (in percent) indicated above the respective nodes. Sequence references are as follows:Auha-UA [Genbank: AAD37813], Dare-UBA*01 [Genbank: CAA86732], Dare-UAA*01 [Genbank: CAA86731], Dare-UDA*01 [Genbank: AAF20178], Dare-UEA [Genbank: AAH53140], Dare-ZE*0201 [Genbank: CAD12790], Dare-L [Genbank: CAD56801], Furu-UBA [Genbank: AAC41236], Gaac-UAA*01 [Genbank: ABN14358], Gaac-UBA*01, Genbank: ABN14357], Icpu-SAA [Genbank: CK423282], Icpu-UAA [Genbank: AAD08650], Icpu-UBA [Genbank: AAD08648], Icpu-UCA [Genbank: AAD08647], Onmy-SAA [Genbank: AF091779], Onmy-UBA [Genbank: AF287483], Onmy-UCA [Genbank: BAD89552], Onmy-UDA [Genbank: AY523666], Onmy-UEA [Genbank: BAD89553], Onmy-UGA [Genbank: AAP04358 ], Onmy-LAA [Genbank: ABI21842 ], Onmy-LBA [Genbank: ABI21844], Orla-UAA*0101 [Genbank: BAD93265], Orla-UBA*0201 [Genbank: BAB83850], Orla-UCA*0101 [Genbank: BAB63957], Orla-UDA*0201 [Genbank: BAB83843], Orla-UEA*0201 [Genbank: BAB83837], Paol-UA1 [Genbank: BAD13367], Paol-ZE [Genbank: BAD13366], Pore-UA [Genbank: CAA90791], Sasa-LBA [Genbank: DY733800 and GO062643], Sasa-UBA*0301 [Genbank: AAN75116], Sasa-UBA*1001 [Genbank: AAN75118 ], [Genbank: ABQ59666], Sasa-ZAA*0101 [Genbank: DQ099914], Teni-UA [Genbank: CR724171], Teni-ZE [Genbank: CAF90807], HLA-A2 [Genbank: AAA76608]. Sasa-UDA, Sasa-UGA, Sasa-UHA1, Sasa-UHA2, Sasa-ULA, Sasa-SAA, Sasa-ZAA*0201, Sasa-ZBA, Sasa-ZCA are described in this paper.

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