Figure 4.

Western Blot analysis of protein expressions in epidermis. (A) Expression of hexamerin (82 kD) and calponin (19 kD) in the epidermis during larval development. 5th-F, fifth feeding larvae; 6th-F, sixth feeding larvae; 6th-M, 6th instar metamorphically committed larvae. 5-24 h, 6-24 h, 6-48 h, 6-72 h, 6-96 h and 6-120 h respectively denote samples from different developmental stages. (B) Effect of 20E injection on the expression of hexamerin and calponin in the epidermis. Same diluted DMSO was used as a control. 6-6 h, 6-12 h, 6-24 h and 6-48 h are the developmental ages of larvae. (C) Analysis of phosphorylation of calponin, same diluted DMSO as a control; 20E, sample from 6-12 h larvae injected with 20E; ╬╗PPase, sample from same 20E-injected larvae and treated with ╬╗PPase; CC+20E, sample from 6-12 h larvae injected with CC and 20E.

Fu et al. BMC Genomics 2009 10:600   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-10-600
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