Figure 9.

WC1 intracytoplasmic region sequence. (A) WC1 intracytoplasmic region deduced amino acid sequences were aligned with ClustalW2 using the default parameters and visualized with JalView. Analysis includes all non-redundant genomic sequences and all non-redundant cDNA sequences and sequences were truncated to begin at the second intracytoplasmic tail encoding exon. The archetypal WC1 (WC1.1, GenBank accession number X63723) and swine WC1 (swppWC1, GenBank accession number CAA67710; swWC1-29e1, GenBank accession number CAA67709) sequences were included in the analysis for comparison. (B) Phylogenetic tree generated using WC1 intracytoplasmic tail deduced amino acid sequences and the Neighbor-Joining method [67]. Archetypal WC1 (WC1.1) and swine WC1 (swppWC1 and swWC1-29e1) intracytoplasmic sequences (accession numbers above) were included for comparison. The optimal tree with the sum of branch length = 1.48497595 is shown with bootstrap values (based on 1000 replicates) reported next to the branches. Positions containing alignment gaps were eliminated only in pairwise sequence comparisons for a total of 213 positions in the final dataset.

Herzig and Baldwin BMC Genomics 2009 10:191   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-10-191
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