Additional file 1.

Marker and Mapping Information. Additional Files are included as numbered spreadsheets in a MS Excel file:

1 Marker PCR Information (PCR primers, conditions, etc...)

2 ESTs – Comparative Assignments (identification of homologs of OMM5000 markers, developed from ESTs, in the zebrafish, medaka, tetraodon, and fugu genomes)

3 ESTs – BLASTx Annotation (Functional annotation for EST markers assigned through blastx of the GenBank nr database)

4 ESTs – RTGI and Unigene (Identification of Rainbow Trout Gene Index and Unigene Assemblies for which EST markers belong)

5 Comparative Info – BACs (Comparative information for OMM3000 markers derived from BACs containing genes of interest)

6 Inf Mei and Allele#s (informative meiosis and number of alleles for markers screened on the NCCCWA reference families)

7 Markers for Map Integration (Markers used to integrate NCCCWA linkage groups and the rainbow trout cytogenetic map)

8 Linkage Group Translation (identifying names of common linkage groups between published rainbow trout genetic maps)

9 Chromosome Info (Linkage analysis information broken down by chromosome)

10 2pt Info for loci informative but not mapped (Reporting loci which were informative in the NCCCWA reference families but not able to be placed on the map)

11 Maps (Genetic map data which can be used to recreate map figues in MapChart)

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Rexroad et al. BMC Genetics 2008 9:74   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-9-74