Figure 1.

SNP frequencies in the 41 samples of the worldwide genotyping survey. Samples are ordered geographically (as in Additional file 1), thus including: SSAFR, sub-Saharan Africa (Tswana, Ateke Bantus, Bakola Pygmies, Baka Pygmies, Yoruba, Mandenka, Dogons, and Somali); NA, North Africa (Moroccans); EUR, Europe (Spanish, Sardinians, French, French-Canadians, UK Caucasians, both US Caucasian samples, Swedes, Saami, both German samples, Polish, Slovaks, Ashkenazi Jews, Romanians, Russians, and Turks); CSASIA, Central/South Asia (Gujarati, Turkmen, and Kyrgyz); EASIA, East Asia (the three Chinese, three Japanese, and two Korean samples, and Thai); AME, America (Embera, Ngawbe, and Nicaraguans).

Sabbagh et al. BMC Genetics 2008 9:21   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-9-21
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