Figure 4.

A-C. Iris disease and IOP in D2-Gpnmb+ mice. A. Broad-beam illumination. B. Transillumination. C. Side view dimensions of the anterior chamber. D2-Gpnmb+ eyes show no IPD but have a distinct form of ISA where the iris appears 'roughened'. D2-Gpnmb+ eyes have no transillumination defects and normal anterior chamber morphology (more than 20 eyes were analyzed from a variety of ages, images shown here are from a 13 months old mouse). D. IOP measurements in D2-Gpnmb+ mice. Individual IOP readings are plotted as circles. The solid horizontal line indicates 21 mmHg, a value considered to be glaucoma-suspect in people. No 'high' IOP readings were seen in 97 eyes measured. Also, there is no significant change in IOP levels comparing 4 months old D2-Gpnmb+ mice to the 8, 10, 12 or 14 months old groups (p > 0.37 for all comparisons).

Howell et al. BMC Genetics 2007 8:45   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-8-45
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