Figure 2.

A representative gel pattern showing the specific amplification of only tiger DNA with the tiger-specific cytochrome b primers (TIF/TIR). Lane 1: 100 base pair ladder (New England Biolabs); Lane 2: negative control; Lane 3:Panthera pardus; Lane 4:Cuon alpinus; Lane 5: Neofelis nebulosa; Lane 6:Cervus unicolour; Lane 7: Panthera tigris tigris; Lane 8: P.t. altaica; Lane 9: Bos gaurus; Lane 10: Cervus axis; Lane 11: Sus scrofa; Lane 12: Cervus axis. PCR amplification with universal 'mcb' primers [48] of all animals tested rules out the possibility of false negatives in PCR with the tiger-specific primer pair (TIF/TIR). Amplification with primers TIF/TIR and mcb primers was carried out in separate reaction though the PCR products were loaded onto a gel together.

Bhagavatula and Singh BMC Genetics 2006 7:48   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-7-48
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