Figure 1.

Phenotypic description of Silver colored horses. A. A Black Silver Icelandic horse. A genetically black horse that exhibits the typical silver phenotype with a dark body with dapples and a shiny white mane and tail. Photo: Tim Kvick. B. Two Black Silver Rocky Mountain Horses. Photo: Bob Langrish. C. A Brown Silver Morgan horse. A genetically brown horse that shows the silver phenotype with the mane and tail diluted from black to white and the lower legs diluted from black to dark greyish. Photo: Laura Behning. D. The legs of a Brown Silver horse. The lower legs are diluted from black to greyish. Photo: Laura Behning.

Brunberg et al. BMC Genetics 2006 7:46   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-7-46
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