Figure 3.

Mouse Adam33 expression. (A) Northern hybridization assay of mouse Adam33 (using IMAGE clone 636599) on polyadenylated RNA from adult mouse tissues. (B) Expression profile of mouse Adam 33 in Origene Mouse Rapid-Scan cDNA panel. Panel consists of normalized cDNA from 24 mouse tissues or embryo stages, serially diluted over a 4-log range (1000X-1X), where the lowest concentration (IX) is approximately 1 pg. Adam33 expression was assayed by PCR amplification of a 368 bp fragment of the mouse Adam33 cDNA sequence (band shown). Lane 1: brain; 2: adrenal gland; 3: heart; 4: pancreas; 5: kidney; 6: uterus; 7: spleen; 8: prostate gland; 9: thymus; 10: day 8.5 embryo; 11: liver; 12: day 9.5 embryo; 13: stomach; 14: day 12.5 embryo; 15: small intestine; 16: day 19 embryo; 17: muscle; 18: virgin breast; 19: lung; 20: pregnant breast; 21: testis; 22: lactating breast; 23: skin; 24: involuting breast. Slight variation in the apparent mobility among lanes is due to sample differences; fragments of identical mobility among different tissue samples were produced when individual RT-PCR reactions were repeated. Absence of signal in the 1000× but presence in the 100× dilutions for two of the tissues are likely to be caused by contaminants in the RNA preparation that inhibited the RT-PCR reaction.

Gunn et al. BMC Genetics 2002 3:2   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-3-2
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