Figure 3.

Intraocular pressures in Bmp4+/+ (filled circles) and Bmp4+/- (open circles) mice on the C57BL/6J background. A. Some Bmp4+/- heterozygotes have elevated IOP at all ages (defined as greater than or equal to 2SD above the mean for normal mice). In the mice that were analyzed at multiple ages, there was no obvious effect of age on IOP elevation. The number of mice analyzed at each age are: at 2 months 19+/+, 17+/-; at 6–10 months 18 +/+, 10 +/-; at 12–16 months 5 +/+, 9+/-. The number of circles sometimes appears different to these values as some mice had identical IOPs. B. Histological analysis demonstrated that eyes with high IOP had extensive abnormalities (see Methods), with an estimated 80% or more of the iridocorneal angle circumference being severely malformed. The eye with 100% of analyzed angle locations severely affected and low IOP had a severely malformed ciliary body.

Chang et al. BMC Genetics 2001 2:18   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-2-18
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